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We prioritize everyone's health and safety.

The dangers of the novel coronavirus are still going on up to this date. It has been almost 2 years since the beginning of the pandemic. Who would have ever thought it would last this long? We have experienced lockdowns, quarantines, decrease in supplies, and so much more, which created a huge margin to the population and economy.

But that should not be our only focus. The health of the people should be prioritized more than anything. We believe that the lives of the people should be valued over profits and benefits. Due to this virus, a lot of people suffered from the disease and loss of loved ones. It has also affected the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness of a lot of individuals.

That is why the distribution of vaccines should be done quicker to accommodate many people across the country. Thankfully, some people still follow health protocols and help with the prevention of spreading the deadly virus.

We encourage everyone to get vaccinated as it will protect you from being exposed to the COVID-19. The sciences have already proven the effectiveness of vaccines. It blocks people from obtaining the severe stage of the disease and shows less to no infection.

To learn more information about the COVID-19 and vaccines, please visit Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC.